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Migraine Hangover for 3 Weeks

I had my first migraine for years 3 weeks ago, after playing football for the first time in years. Started with aura then was up all night with head ache. Ever since my vision hasn't been the same and I have numbness in my hands. Back of my neck is tender. Has anyone had this? I have never taken any medication for migraines.

  1. Thanks for your question. Anytime you experience any new, sudden onset or worsening symptoms it is best to consult with your doctor to rule out anything more serious. Have you by chance discussed this with your doctor yet?

    1. Seen my dr yesterday. He's emailed a neurologist, will take about a week for a reply.
      Dr said it's not common for symptoms to last for 3 weeks. He prescribed me with aspirin haha

      My girlfriend is a nurse and she has spoken to a neurologist. He said its unlikely to be from migraine.
      Need to get my eyes tested to rule that out.
      Had my daith pierced a week ago but that hasn't helped ha just going to have to live with it for now.

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