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Do you have a hard time expressing your thoughts?

I feel like it is hard to express my thoughts right off the bat. I can't get the words out or there's a delay. Does this happen to anyone else?

When at work it's easier for me to sit and write an email and think things through than actually talk with someone. There are times where I'll hear and know someone is talking but I feel the whole room spinning and I can't respond back to them. And sometimes I can feel it coming on. I just feel crazy.

  1. Does this happen before, during or after a Migraine attack? Or does it have to do with Migraine at all? Just wondering.

    1. Yes I do, but I have got things that make this harder not just headaches or migraines

      1. It happens worse after a migraine. But there are times I'll go a week without a migraine but it'll stay a fogginess. And people at work can tell because I'll be mid conversation and stop talking or slow down

        1. This happens to me during and after a migraine. I just lose words entirely, and end up describing things in weird, convoluted ways. I say "that thing that" a lot. But I don't have a problem writing, just speaking. It's really scary because it makes me wonder what the heck these migraines are doing to my brain? Am I going to end up with early-onset Alzheimer's? It's really frightening.

          1. Yes that's exactly how I feel! I've even looked up when dementia can start. There are times after a migraine that I just can't express what I'm trying to say. I can hear everyone around me but I feel like I'm going through slow motion and have no reaction time

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