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Has anyone been to/have opinion on this headache specialist?

Hi. Has anyone been to Dr. Robert Kaniecki at the Univ of Pittsburgh Headache Clinic? The main reason I ask is he is one of the patient recommended doctors on the list for headache doctors in Pittsburgh, PA and I have already been to that clinic a few years ago. I did not see Dr. Kaniecki, but I saw one of his colleagues and was not helped at all. I don't mind going back and trying the clinic again, but was hoping to talk to someone who may have seen him and what their experience was like. Thank you.

  1. Hi dogmom03

    This is a very personal question, and you might actually be better by asking it on the Facebook page where people can send you a personal message to tell you about their experiences.

    Here's something to consider however...

    There are some fabulous specialists out there, but not all specialists will be a good match for every patient. We often have to do some looking to find one that is the very best fit for us, and this can take time. Remember, doctors are people too 😀

    Here is an article that might help you in your first visit:

    6 Tips for Optimal Results at Your Doctor’s Appointment

    If you take the time to explain that you are a proactive patient who wants to be active in your health care, and will ask lots of questions, the reaction of your doctor will often say volumes about how he/she will expect you to behave as a patient of theirs.

    I hope this is helpful!


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