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Have had chronic migraine for 7 months but only recently extremely nauseous, not sure what to eat.

  1. Hi - Thank you for taking the time to post your question. Learning to cope with the nausea that can come with migraine can be a real challenge. We have a few resources around our site that may help give you some inspiration. I encourage you to check out this article here: It discusses a variety of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. There are also about 80 comments regarding how to cope with nausea in the comments below this video: In the event you are able to check these out, do you mind letting us know what you're thinking about trying? We'd love to hear an update as you move towards finding a solution.

    Warmly, - Cody (Team Member)

    1. - Looks like has already provided you with some great resources. I just wanted to add that we encourage folks to check in with their doctor whenever they experience a new symptom. Sounds like this uptick in nausea potentially falls in that category. Are you working with a migraine specialist? We recommend those who are living with migraine to pursue evaluation and treatment by a migraine specialist as these doctors receive specialized training in the complex neurological condition that is migraine. We can send you referrals to these types of doctors if you are interested.
      If you are already connected with a specialist, it may be a time to touch base regarding the nausea. I live with chronic migraine and nausea is one of my primary symptoms. I also vomit several times a week. Are you vomiting as well? Nausea is a terrible symptom and can make it very difficult to eat.
      There are several ways to manage nausea. The primary natural ways are to ingest ginger and/or peppermint. I have found a ginger beer made by a company called Q. I drink it several times a day and sometimes it alone calms my nausea. It's a powerful spicy dose of ginger. I also often have peppermint candy that I keep on hand which can help to calm my stomach.
      When those don't work I turn to my prescription. Several prescriptions are known to manage nausea. One is called Compazine. Another is called Zofran. And then, there is Phenergan. I have tried all of these and for me only phenergan works to stop my nausea but very unfortunately it knocks me out completely to the point that I have to sleep for 6-10 hours after I take it. The frequency of my nausea makes this side effect close to unacceptable. I'm about to talk to my doctor about other options. I think many people have success with Zofran which causes fewer side effects.
      Please feel free to reach out with any questions about this or anything else. We are here for you and in this with you. Warmly - Holly - team

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