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Head Injury with PTSD

I have a service connected disability & put in for compensation about 1975. It was denied, stating I had no headaches while on the service. Due to chronic migraines, I was unable to apeal. I was very sick for 40 years. I found military records of being treated for headaches. My VA PTSD counselor says I should reopen the same clame, since I found it was denied on false information. My life has been a mess. I have no life insurance. Because my wife passed away when my children were in first & 2nd grade, I struggled to help them but my condition did not allow to stay employed for any length of time. I was delusional and worried about being put in an insane asylum, leaving my children with out good care. Drugs given to me for pain put me in such fogs, I did many dangerous things, like walking into traffic with my 7 year old son and almost getting hit. I decided to suffer migraine pain & vomiting, almost daily, so I could be a better parent. I hired a lot of baby sitters. Now my daughter is disabled & I raised my grandchildren who are now in college, with a college debt so great, I don't know how they can ever pay it. My son feels he needs to help me so much, he hasn't gotten married. In short, I need to be compensated so I can make their life better. I have no life insurance & can't afford it as a, "senior citizen". My death will devistate them financially. I will continue to suffer for their sake & am frantically looking for a solution. If I can, I will reopen my clame for service connected disability but my disorganized mental state & headaches are in the way. I believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for us. Thank you & God bless,

  1. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your service and sharing your story with us. I'm sorry life had been so difficult - chronic pain is debilitating, exhausting and frustrating.

    I do hope you reopen your claim, you deserve so much better.

    Keep us posted, will you?


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