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Headache Clinic (Mayo AZ) Question

I have an appointment this week at the Mayo Clinic in AZ. I have been dealing with constant migraine level pain for 4 years. I have been to numerous Doctors (even Dr. Stephen Hertzog @ Texas Neurology in Dallas) with no success. My concern is this: they did not request ANY of my previous medical records. This concerns me as they will be starting from essentially scratch. They want me to bring my MRI CD's but not send them ahead. This is a 700 mile trip for me. I don't understand why they don't want a medical history ahead of time that they could review. I have had LOTS of test ran that could be helpful in giving them some kind of idea of where to go. I have good insurance but that won't cover gas, food, hotels, transportation. I am I being unreasonable? Is this now standard procedure to disregard previous Doctors work?


  1. I am now able to answer my own question and the answer is Yes they wanted medical records. I made a very bad mistake and waited for them to send me info. I waited TOO LONG to call and question things. My appointment is Thursday and I got my packet this morning in the mail after I called last week.

    I know this has probably been stated elsewhere, but BE A SQUEAKY WHEEL. I should have called a month ago instead of waiting. It is my health I should have been more proactive and less reactive. Now I have an afternoon to try and round up 4 years of medical records before I leave in the morning for Arizona.

    AGAIN SPEAK UP and ASK QUESTIONS is something doesn't feel right. I know this but I didn't practice this. UGH

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