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Headache during sleep

I'm a 28 yo male and I suffer a night sleep headache since I'm 21.
The pain is always in my right temple and is pulsing and I can feel it in my right eye too.
The pain lasts around 40 minutes and then I can get to sleep again.
I happens every other day (once per 2 days) most oftenly. Sometimes it happens every day..sometimes it happens once per 3-4 days.

I noticed that if I lay on bad/beach the day after day - the headache gets more rare.

Corticosteroids help, but can't take it forever..

I have a neck problem too (of working on PC too much).
My neck has neck osteophytes, disk herniations (but they are not pinching the nerves) and defaced lordose.

Having sex during the headache makes it go away faster (~15 min).
Doctors are unable to find accurate diagnosis.
Some say cluster headache, others tension headache, ..

Today I've found a "Hypnic headache" which covers almost all my symptoms (except I'm not 50+, but 2X)

​Please help 🙁

  1. Hi Flashman,

    Thank you for your post. So sorry to hear you are experiencing night headaches and are unable to figure out a diagnosis. It sounds like you are working with various doctors to diagnose your headaches, which even though may be frustrating, is great to hear. Fingers crossed that you will be able to garner some answers soon. Amongst all the doctors you've seen, has one of them been a migraine specialist? It may be helpful to see a specialist as they could possibly give you more comprehensive answers. Here are some links to descriptions of migraine specialists and some resources in the states -, I am not sure if you live in the states, apologies if you do not as the information could be unhelpful, however perhaps there are specialists near you. Also, perhaps you will find the following articles helpful and informative -, They cover various migraine and headache types. Furthermore, the following articles provide tips and tricks for getting better sleep -,,, Maybe you will find something to help with your sleep! If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from you and would love to be updated on your progress. I hope you have a lovely day.


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. Thank you Meaghan.
      Unfortunately I'm not in the USA. I'm from Bulgaria.
      The best headache specialist in Bulgaria gave me "Topiramate" (epileptic drug)...but I did not get it. It has tons of side effects, it causes many other problems and I don't want to risk with it.

      Thanks for the links. I'll check them out!
      The sleep is also very important. I'm sleeping on side/stomach. I'm trying to sleep on my back but I can't sleep that way so is very hard.

      Thanks once again!
      I hope I find more people like me so we can talk

      1. Flashman,

        I've had migraines for about 30 years. I also have narcolepsy and just recently I started getting a migraine every night and waking up in the morning with it. My neurologist put me on nortriptyline before I go to bed. The kind of headache I would get at night would always start in the back of my head and he said he had good luck with people taking this when their headaches started there at night. It has helped.

        Good luck


        1. I am fed up with headache. I tried a lot of medicines but still, I am suffering. Nowadays I am practicing meditation.

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