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Healing with Light and Visualizing

I dont know how open minded some of you are, but I have been interested in metaphysics for fifteen years and in recent years have learned to manipulate energy and visualizing for benefit. I am a sufferer of stress and hormonal migraines. Last night at ovulation, i tried something new. I prayed and saw light, but you can also do it without prayer if you dont believe in a superpower. Once the migraine starts, you imagine something you really resonate with. For me it was God's hands opening and light streaming through them and I put my pain in there. I tried this and it worked. I kept trying it out of fear for the rest of the night and it continued to work. It had moved to the back corner of my head and throbbed some and I was so tired I did not want to continue, but I did a few more visuals. This time i imagined the pain as a color and saw it dim lower and lower to nothing. All I know is for the first time in YEARS, I was able to sleep and it was over with. That has never happened before. I fell asleep on Premathazine, a tiny amount I am used to at this point, but woke up with light outside, stunned my head didnt keep me up all night, pain gone.

When I had my period a few weeks ago I used different visuals and those also worked. I imagined in my heart space, its best to do it this way- you act like you are diving into your own heart. I saw a white wall, then saw myself wearing the current tank top i was wearing and everything, and saw myself stand up-I imagined an octopus( i let the image come to me naturally) with his tentacles on my head. I pushed a button on the wall, and rose him up slowly and took it off, then tried to embody the image. I used various images of things crushing my head and so forth, and did this about ten times. It worked so well, my vibration shifted and I felt my blood sugar drop. for those who dont understand energy principles, that phrase will be lost on you, but it was a success as well. I did it off and on for two hours that night and it went away for about four hours. My fear got the best of me though by morning and it had kicked in again, but that was my fault.

I can honestly say visualizing, and seeing light works well. Truthfully try this exercise-see a pin light representing the pain deep in your head, now see it enveloped entirely in white light, pulsing, working constantly. Affirm that this will work until it tranumutes itself into love and light. This has been the most effective exercise I can find. Stay on it every time you feel the pain come back, see it engulfed entirely in white light and its working on it nonstop. See what happens.

  1. Hi Jenlight,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm happy to hear you've found something to help relieve your pain.
    Many people with migraine benefit from visualization and mindfulness, as well as biofeedback and other complementary therapies. Thank you for sharing what is working for you.


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