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Health Conditions, possible link?

I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia and it took years to discover what was going on. I had to start out with 15 days of B12 injections, once a week for a month and now once a month for the rest of my life. Also secondary hyperthyroidism and it is all overwhelming. I take Calcitriol twice a day, B6, Calcium Citrate twice a day, Centrum Siver, Celexa, Estrodial, atenolol, omeperazol, gabapentin and tizandine everyday. I have irreversible nerve damage in my legs. Diverticulosis throughout my entire colon. Added along with Migraines I have had since I was very young, like 10. So it is very depressing when people don’t understand and make you feel like less of a person. I have been told to get up and shake it off. I have withdrawn from most interactions except for my 17 year old son’s activities. It takes everything in me to make it sometimes. Now they tell me I have fibromyalgia! Feeling hopeless!

  1. It is very depressing when people don't understand. Wouldn't it be helpful if they could "see" our pain? I have chronic migraine which started when I was a teen. The neurologists ruled out all kinds of things but can't figure out why I have them. It's frustrating. I try to live one day at a time and try to be optimistic. Although it's hard to be happy all the time I think it helps my outlook in the long run. I also take multiple meds to try and find an even keel. It's definitely not JUST A HEADACHE. Try to stay strong! Keep visiting this forum and "vent". It's nice to know there are others who truly understand how we feel.

    So, the ruling out: I quit smoking, I quit caffeine, I quit sugar, I lost 200 pounds, I don't eat anything with MSG.... I've had lumbar punctures, MRIs, CT scans, xrays..... all to find nothing!

    I hope you find some relief 😀

    1. Hi Joleen1966,

      Thank you for sharing and offering support! That's what makes this community great!

      I totally agree - it is depressing and frustrating! Your point about people not "seeing" our pain is one of the big problems of migraine disease stigma.

      This may help; migraine is thought to be a genetic neurological disease, not caused by any other condition, that can impact the entire body. A tricky thing about migraine disease is we can do everything in our power to avoid getting migraine attacks, but they may still happen 🙁.

      If you don't feel you are getting anywhere with your current doctor, it may be time to seek out the expertise of a "true"migraine and headache disorder expert. These expert doctors may be different from neurologists in that they are board certified in headache medicine, which is different than being certified in neurology. These articles have more information on how these doctors are special and how to find one; and

      I hope this helps! We're glad you're here!

  2. Hi sarahsmile73,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us - we're glad you're here!

    I wanted to let you know you're not alone! It seems as if people who haven't gone through living with chronic illness (or multiple chronic illnesses) don't seem to be able to grasp what we live with. For the folks who say "get up and shake it off" are basically clueless. Because if that's all it took we would "shake it off!"

    Hang in there -we're here for you!

    1. Thank you for sharing this post. Really great and helpful.

      1. Good to hear koliew!


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