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Spotlight: Migraine and Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Please share with us!

What has been your experience living with migraine and your mental health? Have you found effective ways to cope?

What has been the most challenging aspects?

Do you receive the support you need?

Please feel free to discuss any topics related to migraine and mental health and how it has impacted your life. We would love to hear from you.

  1. Thank you, Joanna, for beginning the topic. I am looking forward to hearing input from anyone who has successfully dealt with the irritability common to migraine disease. I've been chronic for nearly all of the last 5 years and it clearly impacts my family. I'm a sarcastic wench, completely different from my normal self, and I see it coming through in my 9 year old's personality. It is heartbreaking.

    1. So nice hearing from you and your willingness to discuss such an important topic! It's amazing what a "common" symptom irritability is when living with migraine, yet it is rarely widely discussed. As we wait for some more possible feedback from our community members, in the meantime, are you by chance active on Facebook? If so, here is an article we published on there in regards to specifically "Migraine Symptoms: Anger & Irritability" and this article generated lots of great comments & feedback from the community if you wanted to scroll through. Here is the post -

      Should you not be on Facebook, here is the original article

      Maybe by reviewing this article and some of the member feedback it may provide some guidance & tips on some ways to help reduce it...especially for your 9year old. I am sure this must be extremely difficult to watch some of those traits come through.

      Thanks for being here & help to bring a voice and awareness towards a symptom that so many are faced with.
      Joanna ( Team)

  2. I feel that there is more understanding and acceptance of the connection between migraine and depression. For me personally, I have come to accept that my own acceptance of it has made my own life easier. I am now retired and looking back I can see that I had a successful career in spite of it not being my first choice. My first choice would have been as a litigating attorney and i have no doubt it was my calling, but as a migraineur it would have been impossible. My mental health suffered when i thought of the "failure" I was. I believe that many migraine sufferers have this same feeling. I have been on several antidepressants over tbe years and frankly nothing has really helped. I was given sumatriptan about 10 years ago and it has been a godsend, but my depression is simply ingrained now. I was very lucky to find a loving and understanding husband, now married 27 years. I would never have believed a human like him existed that could live with me day by day. I have settled into my life of reading, gardening and cooking. Along with my pet doggies, and when the blackness comes in, I know that it will lift as it always does. I feel that in spite of my migraine and depression I am very truly blessed.

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