This Supplement Cocktail Helped My Migraines!

Last summer, I was hitting a breaking point with my migraines. I was getting them weekly - often several times a week. Not only that, they were so severe they were completely interfering with my daily activities, whether writing, working, or sleeping. They were what I called "killer migraines." They sometimes induced anxiety attacks because I feared they could literally kill me. I knew it was getting to the point where it was not sustainable for me to go on like that, and I needed to try something else.

Which doctors did I talk to ?

I first brought it up with my PCP, who told me I should revisit the issue with my neurologist (who had mostly treated me for other non-migraine-related health issues). I booked an appointment with my neurologist. We met and reviewed my history and the recent uptick in the frequency and severity of my migraines.

What did my neurologist recommend?

She urged me to try something called Ajovy - a monthly injectable. I am usually wary of trying new drugs, especially something that lasts inside one's system for a while. This is because I have some kind of unspecified condition that makes me very sensitive to drugs and their side effects. If there are adverse side effects, I often have them. But I was desperate enough to get my migraines under control. So, I filled the prescription and braced myself to start this new regimen.

How did I find this supplement cocktail?

However, right before starting Ajovy, I read of something else that might help. I am on a lot of message boards and Facebook groups by and for people with migraines. Someone in this group mentioned how her neurologist had prescribed a specific "cocktail" of vitamins and supplements. In particular, the cocktail included magnesium glycinate, vitamin B2, and CoQ10. Many others chimed in, saying they had also been prescribed or recommended this cocktail for migraines by their doctors, and many who commented said they were seeing positive results.

Would these vitamins and supplements help?

I have tried vitamins and supplements for migraines and other health conditions with mixed results. But I thought it might be worth a try. I was already aware of magnesium's benefits for migraines and took it daily for general muscle pain. Yet, I had heard magnesium glycinate was better than other types of magnesium as it is excellent for muscle tension.

As for vitamin B2, a recent blood workup revealed I was severely deficient in it - to the point of having "0" stores of it in my system. People usually don't think of vitamin B2 as something one can be deficient in, but it can happen. It seems that when it does, it can be a culprit in more headaches and migraines. I didn't know much about CoQ10, but I thought it couldn't hurt to try it as well. Due to my sensitivity issue, I decided to give myself lower doses than the usual recommendations. I told myself I would give it a few weeks to see if I noticed a difference, and if not, I would start the Ajovy.

When did I notice a difference?

I didn't even have to wait a few weeks. Within only about a week, I started to notice a big difference. First, I went one week, then two, then three, and then even four weeks without a major migraine. I eventually got a migraine (about 6 weeks in), but I have only had three since summer of a severity comparable to what I had before. I get migraines much less frequently now: only about once or twice a month - as opposed to once or twice a week prior to being on this cocktail regimen. And for the most part, my migraines have been significantly shorter and less painful and debilitating. I also recover much quicker from then.

Has this cocktail improved my migraine?

Now, I don't think this cocktail is the only reason my migraine issues have improved so much. I have also been very good at doing daily isometric exercises for my neck to keep my cervical spine stabilized (my migraines often are related to neck pain and problems). But there is no doubt this cocktail has been a major contributor to my improvement. The few times I have run out of supplements and skipped a dose, I tend to come down with a migraine.

Some studies also support the improvements I have experienced for these supplements, individually and in combination. I hope to review some of those studies in greater detail.

Have you tried vitamin B2, magnesium, or CoQ10 alone or combined to treat your migraines? Did you notice any improvement? Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below!

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