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Hello, new here.

Hi, this is my first voyage into a group like this. I’m 38 year old male. 5’9” 185lbs. I’ve been suffering with daily tension type headaches since February of 2020. I noticed it probably the 2nd or
3rd day that my headache wasn’t going away. After a couple weeks I decided to go see my gp. She ordered a lot of blood work and prescribed me sumitriptan 100mg. That didn’t help me at all and after a few days my results were in. Turns out I have Hashimotos disease. I scheduled an appointment with a very good endocrinologist for June.

In the meantime I found a well reviewed “headache dr” they are a spine and rehab clinic. Saw the dr and she was convinced the headaches were being caused by some inflammation in my neck. She ordered an MRI with contrast to see what if anything was going on. Results come back an show some arthritis and pressure on a nerve.

On my next visit the doctor went over the results and said we should try a procedure called a “medial branch block”. In the meantime I was prescribed nabumetone 750mg to be taken twice a day and zanaflex 4mg at bedtime. That seemed to do the trick because a week or so later the headache completely subsided and I cancelled the appointment for my procedure.

June came and I see my endocrinologist who tells me I’ve had hoshimotos for over a decade but my numbers are still normal. I briefly mention the headaches and she says most likely not from my thyroid.

In October the headaches return just as suddenly. I try the nabumetone and zanaflex to no success this time. I call the headache specialist and she wants to try trigger point injections first.

In Mid November I have my trigger point injections but don’t notice a difference. I’ve also tried massage therapy with little relief and physical therapy at this point. The physical therapy seemed to make my headaches worse and dr recommended to stop.

Sometime in early December the headaches subsided and I figured all was well again. Saw my endocrinologist again and mentioned how my headaches seemed to coincide with my thyroid numbers being elevated and she recommended starting synthyroid 25mcg to see if that helps keep them at bay.

In mid January the headaches returned and my medial branch block was scheduled. I had the procedure and instantly noticed that not only did it not relieve my headache it made them worse. The next few days were miserable and I ended up going to the ER on a Saturday morning bc my head neck and face hurt so bad. They didn’t do much and told me it was most likely from my procedure and to follow up with my dr. I did a few days later and she recommended not retrying that procedure and instead put me on amitriptyline 10mg and told me it could take up to 6 weeks to know if it’s working.

Side note: I was diagnosed with overactive bladder 3 years ago and have been on ditropan xl 5mg since. When the headaches started I thought it may be a side effect and stopped for a while but that didn’t seem to help and just made me have to urinate a lot more.

So that’s my history. I’ll say my headaches are the top of my head and around the sides and temples. I do often have neck pain also. One symptom I’ve noticed in the last few months is face tightness around the back of my jaw. Almost like when you put something sour in your mouth. I’ve scheduled an appointment with a dentist that specializes in tmd and headaches but can’t see him until April.

Anyway it’s so exhausting. Thank you if you read this.

  1. Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story with us. I understand how frustrating and exhausting it is to live with daily head pain, I'm sorry you are dealing with this.

    If our thyroid is out of whack, so to speak, it's certainly possible to have increased head pain. I know my head feels better when my thyroid numbers are in the "normal" range.

    By any chance are you taking something every day, or near daily to help relieve head pain? The thing is if we take pain relievers, whether the are over-the-counter and/or prescription, more than two to three days a week, we run the risk of getting into a rebound headache cycle. There is good information in this article on rebound (also called medication overuse headache)

    When we start new medications, it can take sometimes 90 days before we notice an improvement in our head pain. That in itself is frustrating.

    You're not alone - we're here for you!

    Will you keep me posted on your progress?
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

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