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Help! I need safe lighting!

I stocked up on incandescent light bulbs a few years ago, and now I need new bulbs. I've suddenly become aware that everything has gone halogen, fluorescent, or LED. All of those are HUGE migraine triggers for me. They will trigger a massive migraine within 20 minutes. SOMETIMES I can get away with being in those types of lights for up to an hour if I'm well rested AND the weather is stable AND I'm wearing my Theraspecs. But NO longer than one hour. (I shop online or very quickly in stores!)

I can't just sit in the dark every night now, so I'm asking for help. What kind of lighting do you use? Does anyone know if it's possible to get ahold of incandescent bulbs anywhere? I found one article that talks about heavy duty incandescents that are 150 watts, but my light fixtures say not to put in more than 60 watts....

  1. Hi Grammayumyum,
    I'm so sorry you're having difficulty with lighting. I'm sensitive to light, too, and wear TheraSpecs as well. Actually they have a very helpful article on their site about the different lightbulb choices and I've tried the warm LEDs and personally found those to work the best for me. I get them from ikea. You might try combing through here and see if it is helpful to you.
    Hope this is a help to you.

    1. Thanks for the info, Lisa! I'll look into the warm LEDs.

      1. Ditto to the recommendation for Theraspecs and LEDs. Here in Canada we still have incandescent bulbs available by the truckload. Perhaps eBay?

        1. I found heavy duty incandescents with long life at:

          Happy Dance!

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