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Himalayan salt lamps

Any experiences?

I read that they might help with migraines because they release anions in the air. They're kind of expensive though. Are they really worth it?
I'm considering getting one for my brother who gets migraines triggered by barometric pressure and hasn't found any reliefs that work yet. Apparently theese lamps help stabilise the air quality.

  1. Hi LadyMedusa,

    Thank you for reaching out to us - great question!

    I've not seen any scientific data that support this for migraine. Now having said that, some people swear by them.

    Let me share our information on weather triggers migraine with you and you can share with your brother, how does that sound? and

    It may be worthwhile for your brother to keep a detailed migraine diary for three months and see if he can identify other triggers. Triggers can include but are not limited to certain foods, irregular sleeping patterns, dehydration, weather changes, and others. And the thing about triggers are they can be stackable, meaning just being exposed to changes in the weather may not trigger a migraine attack, but getting dehydrated, not maintaining a regular sleeping schedule and eating a certain food in addition to a weather changes may trigger an attack. Does that make sense? When you get a minute, feel free to share this information with your brother; and

    Let me know how you make out,

    1. I'm not certain about the claims but can say I love mine for the type of light it gives off. It has a dimmer switch which is essential. I would describe the light like that of a campfire but no flickers or smoke 😀 just a soft warm light that is enough to see by but never blinding. Blue light (screens, tv, overcast day...) is a trigger for me and the quality of light is important. I have these really ugly amber glasses for watching tv or a movie, and have a color changing bulb for the back room. It has an app you can control the bulb with, no need for a special lamp or get out of bed. I like red when my eyes are unhappy, they just seem to relax a little more. Maybe Fromm good memories of photography and dark rooms 😀 I found the bulb on Amazon, salt lamp and glasses, too. There's a free program you can download for laptops that is called flux and it will adjust your computer screen to remove blue light. It's good for everyone to help wind down end of day. The newer iPads and iPhones now have a setting for this blue light stuff, too.

      That's way more than you asked for but I got on a roll (it was a good reminder for me too!)

      Whoops, that replied on the wrong spot, sorry 😀

  2. Nancy:

    RE: your information on weather triggers, I regularly get migraines when it rains. And in NC it rains often. Do your suggestions work for my rain-related headaches too?

    Thank you.

    1. See, the salt lamps are made of natural rock salt. It is believed that it release negative ions that lowers the radiation effects caused by tv, smoking, AC, etc things.

      I have no news regarding migraine but yes it is a helpful remedy to cure stress and anxiety as per the claims made by some sites.

      1. I ordered a salt lamp a little over a month ago. I've been averaging 1-2 migraines per week, for the last year or two. Over this past month, I've only had ONE migraine! My last one that required Imitrex was over three weeks ago. I also suffer from barometric induced migraines. This is a huge change for me. The only thing that's new to my environment is the salt lamp. I just ordered two more.

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