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Through the holidays I am always hoping my chronic migraine will not ramp up to a 10 or more on the pain scale. My family definitely understands my chronic migraines since I've had them for almost 40 years. It just hurts me (my emotional side) to miss any family gatherings. The feeling of missing out on things is ever present...... I just thought I'd share with you my feelings. We don't need added stress when we are already stressed with the chronic ever present pain. I try to be positive and get plenty of rest during the holiday season. It doesn't curtail the pain but it does make me feel a bit better overall.

Happy Holidays! Thank you for this website.

  1. Hi Joleen1966,

    Happy Holidays to you too! Thank you so much for your kind words. It's hard for all involved when migraine disease gets in the way of friends and family traditions. Good job at self care during this potentially stressful time I need to take a lesson from your playbook!

    Let us know how you make out during this season!

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