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I had made an appointment for homeopathy treatment in 2017 by a recommendation from a family member. I was asked many questions during the session, it felt as if I was taking a therapy session. Soon after, they asked me to go out and talk further with my parents... that day I got to know that I had been diagnosed with migraine. I had to intake homeopathy pills every day. 5 pills in the morning, 5 after lunch, and then 5 after dinner. It did help a lot, my migraines were reduced a bit; from thrice a week to just 6 times a month.

The biggest mistake I made in 2022 was that I was getting up early for studying for exams, and since everyone was still asleep, I never used to make myself breakfast. Thus, I used to take a glass of milk on an empty stomach. It increased my migraines...

Since then, I have had no homeopathy doctors anywhere near me...
I regret doing that. But I have also learned a big lesson, that is to not take anything containing lactose on an empty stomach!

  1. Do you know what type of homeopathic medication you were on previously?

    Changes to our sleep schedule can trigger a migraine. Sometimes we do best by finding a routine and sticking to it religiously. I know I am one of those people who need to stick to a sleep schedule. Things that alter my sleep schedule tend to eventually cause a migraine for me.
    I have also learned the importance of food. Personally, I cannot drink milk but I do have to at least have a snack several times a day. Normally, if I skip meals I will end up with a migraine.
    Have you tried fixing something for breakfast other than a glass of milk? Maybe something as simple as some toast could make a difference for you. - Best wishes - Amanda W (team member)

    1. I echo what Amanda said. Many people who live with migraine find sticking to a routine is a beneficial part of effective management. Having good sleep hygiene is also a big help. My brain likes a daily wind-down routine! It's important to remember that small things can add up like skipping a meal or snack, a varied sleep schedule, and pushing through an oncoming attack to finish tasks. Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs 😀 Warmly, Cheryl team

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