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How do people cope??

Have had a 24/7 headache now for more than 5 1/2 years. Have done the pill thing with over nine and counting different medications tried, physical and massage therapy, acupuncture, sphenocath, occipital nerve block shots and botox and have yet to experience any kind of relief whatsoever. To say I am depressed is an understatement.

Would like to know what other folks have done to help them in their day to day business of living life. I am a nag to my wife which kills me and makes things worse, especially since she and our three cats are my only real joys in life.

Any thoughts are welcome!

  1. Ocean

    Thanks a bunch for the kind thoughts. Yep, have told them many times over so that has helped some. It's just that knowing that every day you will wake up to and go to bed with a headache is more than just a frustrating thought. The baseline over the past 5 years has steadily risen also and that has not helped.

    BTW, what YOU might try is another cat 😀 Then she has someone to play with and such when you aren't up to it. I will always regret not getting another cat to keep my Chloe company while I worked. She was the only cat for 21 years and I rue not getting her a playmate 🙁

    1. Have not seen Regarding Henry, might have to see if I can stream it or something as I see very few movies at the theater as the head just cant take it.

      Good to hear about your Kitty TV...we have feeders out front and our three really enjoy it, tis fun to hear them chatter at the birds 😀 Too bad you cant just sneak ONE more cat in...whose to know? 😀

      As far as pleasures in life go, that would be interacting with the cats, being with my wife, and listening to music. The music thing is bittersweet though as I have so many LP's and CD's I have not listened to that I am listening to them and selling them so I can at least hear them all before I die. Yes, I have LOTS of them 😀

      There are various reasons why I am extremely depressed besides the headache issue that it is difficult to get a handle on any of them but I have to try.

      1. Everything from ABBA to Metallica, though no rap or opera 😀 You?

        1. Hi @fanghorn - This is a great and important topic. I wanted to share with you a thought about how to cope with chronic migraine and the challenge of depression, a very common comorbid condition that accompanies migraine. One strategy can be to do some thinking about gratitude. It can seem backwards to even consider such a thing when we're feeling faced with a condition that feels so unfair, but in truth, because migraine takes so much away from us, it can make us full of thanks for the most simple things. Also, the simple practice of pushing ourselves to think of things about which we're thankful can be a healthy step. - . Also, connecting with others, like you are here on this site, is key. This is a very isolating disease by its nature, so it is a healthy pursuit to reach out to others who understand and are living with the same challenges. Keep in touch and so glad you're a part of our community!

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