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I’m New. How Do You Join In?

Confused about how this works here. I’m also electronically challenged.

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  1. Hi ! Welcome to the community. We are happy to share all of our various resources and are available to show you around for you to join in on the conversation! I am sharing with you a few links for you to get better acquainted with the site, and to read more from others within the community. First, here is the link to our community page, where you can see our most up to date activity from our members: Additionally, if you are interested in reading all of our stories and learn about the many different migraine journies of fellow migraineurs, you can visit our stories section:! Additionally, each week we send out our newsletter to keep you updated on all things Migraine! If you have more to say or want to share a comment with another community member, you can do so by clicking on the message button towards the top of any article "to the left of the ❤️ icon." Here is a link to one of our latest articles for you to read more, and share your thoughts with other community members:! We are looking forward to hearing back from you, and we will keep an eye out for your questions and comments. Sending you healing hugs! -Lawrence ( Team)

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