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How do you keep hope?

How does everyone keep the hope and moving on? I'm having a very hard time doing anything at all. I haven't been able to work at all this week because of the constant and mental problems it is causing. I'm so tired of trying to push through everything, cleaning, working what is the point if my head is pounding away minute after minute?

trigger point injections were helping, get 15 minutes of partial now, prolotherapy made everything a whole lot worse, meds work sometimes partially and obviously only useable for 10 days a month.

even the counsellor I was seeing and all her visual techniques that worked amazing for 2 weeks aren't doing anything.

How do you cope with the horrible pain, fatigue and feeling of uselessness. I wish so much I was able to retire and not worry about work but a single 27 year old with a house, that is years away. Years with this severe of pain, nope cant do it.

  1. Tamara, FWIW, a few weeks ago I felt like you. I was starting to wonder if Chronic Fatigue might have snuck in together with this condition.
    I'm fortunate that I was reviewed by an allergist who's a very smart immunologist (I gather they're not always the same discipline). Turns my low food chemicals diet had been slowly poisoning me for 30 years: 20 years ago, many of my 'safe' foods were categorised into less safe-for-me categories but I didn't know. She told me I needed 3 months of strictest adherence to the lowest level possible according to Friendly Foods (RPAH). She's next door to my neurologist, and they're working together with my GP. Within 10 days, migraines decreased in frequency and strength during my worst time of year - and I could mostly work through the ones I got. Joint pain dramatically decreased. Liver and pancreas function dramatically improved.
    Now 8 weeks later, I've lost 14kg; that over 35lbs. Migraines are most down to 3 a week, and it's mostly half-a-day, just side effects not fullblown. (I feel the preventives kick in and do their thing, blocking the unnecessary electrical shortcircuiting or whatever) the weather has just become a little cooler 2days ago, and I'm handling it better although the glare isn't great.
    But - I can sleep.
    So: to answer your question: it's all cycles. Some are better, some have more steps to try for relief, some offer more laughs and new friends who understand.
    I wish you peace. I wish you calm. I wish you relief from this storm of pain. And I wish you every day a moment of joy that magically changes your life into the beauty you deserve.

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