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How do you raise awareness?

Share with us! How have you helped to raise awareness about migraine? Have you gotten others to understand that migraine is way more the JUST a headache? Have any of your efforts failed? What has worked & what has not? Share your experiences, tips & advice!

  1. I'm wearing my chronic migraine awareness ribbon every day.
    I had a purple light bulb shining in the front of my house!
    I dropped off CMA, Inc. ribbons and bracelets at the nearest headache center.
    I'm posting National Migraine and Headache Awareness facts, challenges etc online as much as I can!!


    1. I wasn't even aware about the CMA ribbons !
      Now that I am I will for sure find where to get one and wear it everyday .

      1. Good evening, it's my first entry into the wall, I wanted to explain my story to you.
        I `m 36 years old. 18 months ago, I was feeling very well, but in 12 months it got worse. I have always complained of a headache, but I never gave it importance and I carried it as I could. But a few months ago the thing changed, strong headaches that prevented me from doing anything, nausea all day and my stomach clogged because the food did not fit. I went to the Neurosurgeon's review and told him how I was doing, and he sent me to Dr. Pozo, there once to explain how I was, he told me that what I had was Migrañas, and he treated me.
        Now I feel much better, although when I get up, I still have a lot of nausea that I can not even eat. The situation distresses me a little because the symptoms are very similar as much as for a migraine crisis. , So I need guidelines or methods to be able to carry in the best possible way.
        Thanks for everything.

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