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How do you talk about it?

Reposting with edits: "Wondering how others talk about their migraines with friends, family and others?. What words do you use to explain? Do you use words like neurological disorder, disability, having episodes or headaches? How do you explain the sensory sensitivity, going non-verbal and such? It's always difficult for me to describe to others. How do you do it? "

  1. Here is a good article I came across the other day that lays out some basics on this.
    Maybe this will help you out. Let me know. Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. Are you looking for tips about talking to family, or are you wanting to know what words other people use? I think there will be a wide variety of responses, as level of understanding and the way we relate to our migraines is different from person to person. How about you? Curious about how you talk to your family now, and if that's changed over time. Thanks for starting this discussion! 😀 -Melissa, team

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