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How often do you get migraine auras?

Hello all,

I'm curious to find out how frequently you get auras with your migraines? While I get 'headaches' quite often (I had attributed most of them to sinus pain or stress, I get auras very rarely. In fact, I had one about 9 years ago, and then another one at the weekend. I'm still trying to work out what caused it - was it being on a phone in a dimly lit room, or being tired from a recent business trip, or it being overcast weather, etc etc.

I'm ok with getting them every 9 years but don't want them any more frequent than that!!!!


  1. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for your question! Between 25 - 30% of people who have migraine disease experience aura. I don't have visual aura, but do experience sensory aura. This article has more on this;

    I wonder if the "headaches" you experience may be migraine attacks. Sinus pain can be a symptom of a migraine attack and stress can certainly be a potential trigger too. If you find you are getting these 'headaches' too frequently, you may want to have a conversation about them with your doctor.

    And I agree - once every nine years would be terrific!!


    1. hello
      I have had them on and off all my life, got a diagnosis of migraine aura 2 years ago and that didn't help as now notice every day something where as before I did switch off to them
      this site is useful and helps my anxiety as there are so many symptoms and it makes me feel less alone with this condition,

      1. I always get them with my migraines. Sometimes, though, I do get an aura and no headache...which is really weird to me. The aura always lasts about 10 minutes.

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