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Hi all:
I'm working with a personal trainer because my exercise fell to pieces thanks to migraine and I'm too far gone to get back into shape by myself. One of the things she suggested was cutting carbs at night and eating every three hours - high protein with veggies or fruits.

I've noticed that my migraines are getting lessened. I am thinking maybe due to hypoglycemia? I didn't realize until she had me do this that I sometimes wait until I'm starving to eat or I sleep in on Saturday and my blood sugar drops. I definitely know I crave sugar right before a migraine. And sugar can be a trigger.

I get excited every time something seems to work but I know it takes time to see if it really works to combat the migraine menace.

Wondering if anyone else has noticed eating steadily in small amounts has helped them?

  1. Hi Anne,

    When we moved to San Diego, it took a while to find the local "migraine guru," but finally did. There was a massive questionaire which required completion. One of the first 5 questions was something like, " Do you get migraine or does your chronic migraine flair when you've skipped a meal or not eaten for hours?" A-ha I thought! This is me! I've had chronic migraine since July of 1984 and find that, for instance, if I get up later than usual on a Saturday, have a late breakfast, get out, run errands and lose track of time, I can find myself at Trader Joe's at 4 p.m. with - BAM! - escalating pain like nobody's business. Immediately, I head for the candy aisle and grab something I know will absob the fastest, pay for it and gobble it down. If I do this quickly, migraine abates very quickly. My doc says that I develop low blood sugar and must eat every 3.5 hours - not to wait 4 hours.

    1. Hi I have just discovered hypoglycemia and I think it is one of my main triggers, I used to wake up with migraine every Sunday after staying up late Saturday night. I think my blood sugar levels were dropping as my sleeping and eating pattered changed. Also exercise, high sugar foods, too much sleep, too little sleep are all triggers I imagine Linked to that fluctuation in sugar levels. Upon consuming a healthy balanced diet, eating little and often my migraines seem to be more under control

      1. I deal with hypoglycemia too. My neurologist told me that migraines hate routine.

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