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Green Light for migraine pain relief

Hi all:
Has anyone tried green light therapy for migraine pain? It's supposed to reduce pain up to 20 % for some sufferers.

  1. Not for me, but my aunt suffers from migraines. Read the articles on green light around the 530nm wavelength but didn't have green lasers or green LEDs so figured I would have her try the computer screen.

    Thought I'd share here to get feedback:

    1. Hi ! Thank you so much for sharing. We are thrilled that you were able to help your aunt! What was her initial impression? Did she experience any noticeable pain releif? Wishing you a gentle night! -Lawrence ( Team)

    2. I just threw it together on the 7th.
      Thankfully she has yet to need to try it. That's why I offered it here. If it helps in the slightest I wanted it out there.

      I'll reply to this post once I know more.


  2. Hi , thank you so much for your post! I haven't personally tried green light therapy, but I know that we have community members who have. Here is a link to an article from Sarah, where she shares her experience with the 'grow light' that uses a green light bulb that emits the spectrum of pure green light Sending you healing hugs! -Lawrence ( Team)

    1. I did not try green light therapy but I recently moved into a home and painted the living room, hallway and bedroom a light green colour as I find it soothing - like being in a cool forest. The cool look of the walls relaxes me more. Not sure if it affects my migraines because I lie with my eyes closed if I have a migraine.

      1. have any of you tried lighting products for your migraines? What have you tried? Have you tried

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