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Hello All,

I am having a hysterectomy in a few months. This procedure isn't a concern, but the prep. I was informed, it's similar to a colonoscopy -no food for 24 hours prior and the use of a product to clean the bowels.

I'm incredibly concerned. I have a lot of food sensitivities that are migraine triggers and also have acid reflux/gastritis. I can live with the acid reflux issues as once the procedure is over, I can eat and get rid of those symptoms within a day or so. But the migraines can last 2-3 weeks.

I just eliminated broth from my diet, as it has been causing a migraine. I can't have sugar (natural is fine), preservatives, plus a lot of other items. So, drinking soda is out, jello, broth, etc. You get the idea. If I go the full 24 hours without food and only water, I will most definitely have a migraine.

If anyone has had this experience and can share some things to help, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

  1. Hi Roberta,

    I saw you read my answer on Facebook, but I'll go ahead and answer you here too so others may benefit. And best wishes for a successful procedure!

    This is a tough one. You may want to discuss this with the doctor who is treating your migraines. If you don't get anywhere with him, it may be time to find another doctor who is more knowledgeable about migraine and headache disorders.
    Having said that, its important to avoid as many migraine triggers as we can before this type of procedure. By this I mean staying hydrated, keeping a regular sleep schedule, avoid food triggers (if you have any) about a week before the prep. The thinking behind this is triggers can be stackable, or cumulative. This is what I did before my colonoscopy - a few days to a week before the prep, I made sure to avoid my strong triggers. For example, I stay hydrated, didn’t skip meals and kept a regular sleeping pattern. Luckily, I was able to avoid an attack during and after my prep. Does that make sense? Read more about that here;

    Please let us know how you make out,

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