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I actually had to sign an agreement about my meds

When I went to see my G.P. recently, I had to sign an agreement that I would
not abuse my migraine med. And if I failed to keep to the agreement, my
doctor could stop prescribing the med for me. Just another little humiliation
in a life with migraine.

I take an older med, Fiorinal w/ codiene. I've been taking Fiorinal since I was
twelve years old(w/o the codiene) That was added when I was 27 and it wasn't
working as well. I'm now 52. I started getting migraines when I was 7 yrs. old
and all I could have was St. Joesph Children's Aspirin. In other words, I just had
to ride them out.

I don't abuse the med in any way and never would. Anyone else? Any thoughts?

  1. I don't take meds for my migraines, they don't help but my daughter has a chronic pain condition that has led her to be on medication daily. She has a medication contract with her doctor. It protects the doctor and helps control what the patient is taking. Of course it only works if the patient takes the contract seriously.

    I wouldn't be very concerned about it, I think it is going to be common practice before long.

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