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I am healing myself from migraines! Check out my blog to see how...

Hi all,

My name is Christie Hindley and I was diognosed with Chronic Migraines a three years ago. I had to leave my dream job as Cabin Crew with Virgin Atlantic and for the last few years have fought to regain my health again and I am finally nearly there. I write a blog and it offers tips and suggestions in how to do this and whats worked for me. I know during my darkest of days all I wanted was hope and I'm trying to provide this to help others now.

Here is the link...

Wishing you all the best migraineurs!

From Christie x

  1. Very nice blog! I so agree with listening to your body when it comes to exercise (and everything else.) Yesterday, I was just writing that chapter of my headache book and saying the same things - and about walking. 😀 Sounds like you're doing great!

    1. Hello I'd be interested in learning more about this healing process... does it have anything to do with the flow of blood or oxygenation?

      1. Hi - I just saw your email notification. I'd wanted to answer your post right away, but wasn't sure your question was for me or for the original poster, Christine. I'm new on and don't quite know my way around its format. If your question pertains to walking and healing, I'd say yes to both of your answers - plus loosening of musculature and fascia and release of feel-good hormones.

        Here's a link to my latest article discussing my approach.

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