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I am in so much need of uplifting!

I am on Botox cycle 4. I had AMAZING progress cycle 2!!!! 25 days migraine free and 4 migraines nov and jan, 3 in Dec! Cycle 3 was a bit worse. I had my first 3 day migraine ever and Advil didn’t touch it. Finally killed it with Ubrelvy. This was in Jan. Feb and Mar 5 migraines. Hadn’t woken from a migraine while sleeping since mid Sept. and then this month of April came. Woke from sleep this morning with a severe migraine. Woke once in Mar and 4/11 but from one little pain so didn’t think much of it. I had 6 migraines this month 🙁 but 2 were right after the vaccine. Now that I had more this month and one while sleeping like I used Botox still helping? I don’t know. Neuro just upped my units from 175 to 185. I’m so discouraged and confused. Please help.

  1. Hi, I understand your discouragement. I would not give up on your Botox treatments until your doctor believes it is not helping. The past year has been an odd one especially for those who have migraine attacks. I have not yet found an explanation for it. I have more migraine attacks in the winter months. Maybe weather is a trigger for you as well? Share with your doctor your feelings of the Botox not being as effective, but they want you to continue, tell yourself, this has worked for me before, this year is so much better than 2020.
    You don’t have to be alone in your discouragement, we’ve all been there. I’m sorry I didn’t see your post sooner.

    1. Thank you so much!!! My neuro thinks it is the vaccine. Did this happen to you? I hope Botox improves again.

      1. The vaccine has been so interesting in the way that different people respond! I know that some folks here also shared that they had issues with migraine flares when getting the actual virus, so that would make sense. -Melissa,

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