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I am in so much need of uplifting!

I am on Botox cycle 4. I had AMAZING progress cycle 2!!!! 25 days migraine free and 4 migraines nov and jan, 3 in Dec! Cycle 3 was a bit worse. I had my first 3 day migraine ever and Advil didn’t touch it. Finally killed it with Ubrelvy. This was in Jan. Feb and Mar 5 migraines. Hadn’t woken from a migraine while sleeping since mid Sept. and then this month of April came. Woke from sleep this morning with a severe migraine. Woke once in Mar and 4/11 but from one little pain so didn’t think much of it. I had 6 migraines this month 🙁 but 2 were right after the vaccine. Now that I had more this month and one while sleeping like I used Botox still helping? I don’t know. Neuro just upped my units from 175 to 185. I’m so discouraged and confused. Please help.

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