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I have moved across the country and my migraines are almost gone

I suuffered with migraines and non-migraine heachaches all the time from the time we moved to Denver when I was 5 until I recently moved to Phoenix at age 53.

Not only do I not have my daily non-migraine headache, but no migraines either even when I do things that would always give me a migraine in Denver. (Not that I try to trigger one.)

I have had just a few non-migraine headaches here in Phoenix, but they were much much less severe and not nearly as often. OTC Tylenol got rid of them.

For people who have tried everything, I suggest taking a vacation to Phoenix or Tucson and see if it works for you too. I noticed the first week here what a huge difference it was.

If thinking of moving here come in summer first to see if you can handle the heat. I am willing to take the heat compared to living with those horrible migraines.

I still use beta blockers daily and always will for prevention.

What a relief it is to not have to constantly be taking prescription pain killers and triptans all the time!

  1. Hi SJD01,

    Thank you for sharing that wonderful news with us! It's great to hear you've seen a reduction in migraine frequency and severity since your move. Changes in the barometric pressure can play havoc with some people's attacks.

    Also happy to hear the beta blockers are acting as they should be: preventing a migraine attack!!

    Again, thanks for the good news 😀


    1. Hi Nancy,

      Are you a migraine sufferer too? Let me know if I can help.

      Thank you.



  2. How long have you lived in Arizona and are you still migraine free? I live in NC and my migraines have gotten progressively worse over the past couple of years. My migraine doctor told me it would be rare for someone to have a drastic improvement from chronic migraines by moving to AZ but I have read in several different places where people report having improvement. I'm just wondering if it's worth a try. Thanks for your input.

    1. Hello chaunfbarnes and thank you for the well wishes Nancy Bonk.

      I have been in Phoenix for 7 months now. Even in Denver I and my friends who had migraines often had more in the autumn months. Again I believe the barometric pressure changes when the cool weather comes.

      I have had some headaches in Phoenix as it got cooler starting in November however, they have not been migraines nor have they been debilitating like they were in Denver. Mostly I just take over-the-counter Tylenol and it goes away.

      In Denver I could never use over-the counter Tylenol as it would not even touch the pain.

      In 7 months here in Phoenix I have taken my Naratriptan only a couple of times when I felt the pain was seeming more like a very mild migraine. In Denver it was common for me to take a Naratriptan several times a month or a week as well as vicodin the same amount. I'd even had times where I had a migraine that would not go away for an entire week. It was there when I woke up, all day long and when I went to bed and so on for several days sometimes.

      So yes I am still practically migraine free, with some mild non-migraine headaches.

      It's a difficult pay off though because the summer heat here is long and brutal. It's just awful here in the summer.

      In Denver sometimes I would have migraines so bad that I would take a Naratriptan, 2 Vicodin, Compazine for nausea and might still be vomiting over and over and going to an urgent care clinic.

      Have you always had migraines? Any idea why they are getting worse?

      My two worse triggers were 1. Stress, 2. constipation and 3. hormone fluctuation during my monthly cycle. I always take a stool softener for the constipation. I still had migraines in Denver even when I stopped having a monthly period. (I'm 53 now).

      I'd be curious to know what anyone elses triggers are. What meds you have tried. Are your migraines seasonal Etc. At what age did you start suffering?

      Keep me updated. I have much empathy for migraine sufferers. I'd love to share any information that might help.

      I have found that when I feel a migraine coming on (In Denver) taking a Naratriptan pill ASAP often prevented the migraine from coming on. It's a good medicine.

      For some reason I mostly would wake up in the morning with a migraine already almost full blown and it would be too late for the Naratriptan.

      Contact me any time if I can help.

      1. That is so interesting. I live in Tucson - this is my tenth year here, having moved from the midwest. My migraines have gotten worse as I have grown older. They are especially bad in summer because heat is one of my triggers! But it's so great to hear you've had relief. Must be the magic combination of variables for you!

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