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What are some lingering questions you have?

All questions are safe here. What migraine-related topics would you like to know more about? Post your question here and our health leaders and community members will answer the best they can!

  1. Memory

    1. Sorry to hear you are (were) under the thumb of a hard attack yesterday. You are right- how migraine can be so stubborn and nonreactive to so many treatments out there. We learn to live in and around our pain as there is no cure. Glad you're with us, Gary. Warmly- Holly team

    2. thanks for sharing the details of the tests that you've taken. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from your experience.

      That said, I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with a migraine attack. I hope that by today you have gotten some relief from the pain. It's definitely disappointing and discouraging when you don't find relief from medications. I hope that being part of this community brings comfort in knowing that you're not alone.
      - Best,
      Alene, moderator

  2. Hi - that's definitely a GREAT topic. Here is a link to several different articles and forums related to memory (or lack there of) on our community page. Hope it helps - Thoughtfully - Rebecca (community moderator)


  3. Will the headaches from chronic migraine ever go away. I have headaches everyday and they just wear me down

    1. I see that you mentioned having an ice pack on your head. I too find some comfort with ice packs. Several people in this community have talked about the migraine hat being really helpful. It's not to suggest that it gets rid of a migraine attack - although that sure would be nice! - it's more about bringing you comfort during the attack.

      I just wanted to toss that out there in case you were interested in checking one out. I'll see if I can find the link to the article that references the hat and share it with you.
      - Alene, moderator

    2. here's the link to the article about the headache hat that I just referenced. Hope it helps to bring some comfort if you decide to check it out!
      - Alene, moderator

  4. I have been having migraines for the past week, even affecting vision in one eye and terrible ear fullness everyday. how long should i wait before seeing a doctor about this? is ear fullness normal?

    1. The less I use my mind and body, the better I feel. A relaxed mind and body is the best way to combat most symptoms' rise. Frequent rests help optimize the symptoms. This also means that I can't do any job or business as that requires alertness most of the time which will lead to me being bedridden a lot and of course, incapable of performing decently, forget about competing with my peers.
      But nothing helps with the body's inflammation during the winter.

    2. Good for you to have this level of wisdom and insight. I've been recently learning the importance of proactive resting. I just wrote an article on this very topic - perhaps it will resonate with you? Warmly- Holly team

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