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I know I'm not normal when . . .

I woke up today with a nasty migraine (not unusual) and the sinking feeling that I had a full day with meetings at work, physical therapy, a night class, and the usual rigamarole of 2 school-aged children. So I got up and began the usual morning routine, plus migraine meds, to see if it would fade away. No such luck.

But here's where I know I'm not normal -- I wandered around the house feeling sick and nauseous, debating if I could make it through my day. I don't think this would be a debate for just about any normal person! Pounding headache and nausea? I'm staying home and cancelling my meetings.

But for me, a lot of my days start with this debate. How bad do I feel and what can I handle today? It's always a judgement call. But these days, I'm opting to stay home more rather than be unkind to myself.. . .

Does anybody else struggle with this debate?

  1. For a long time I would just do what I had to no matter what, a wedding and migraine - go to the wedding, a cheer leading competition? Yup going. Night out with friends, going! Family member needs something, call Carol she'll do it! Work? Sure, just cover my desk while I run to the ladies room and vomit. You get the picture.I did all this and more and as my doctor recently said "you shot yourself in the foot, didn't you". It's very hard to limit yourself, especially with a family that depends on you but if you don't eventually you will crash and burn.

    I have taken a huge step back in order to take care of myself. It hasn't been popular with my family as they all demanded an awful lot from me, but it has been the best thing I have done for myself and they have all learned that they can get by just fine without Big Sister jumping every time they asked.

    Take care of yourself first, otherwise you will have nothing left to help with when you are truly need.

    1. I have this struggle about once a week. Its obviously causing ssues at work having time off sick etc. Which worries me. I know if I push too hard it does make the attack more severe or last longer so I'm unsure how to work a normal job with migraines?

      At the moment I am judging by pain if I wake up and 40mins after taking g pain killers or triptans I'm still over 7/10 on pain/being able to function sscale then I need to stay in bed.

      But how do do you lead A normal life and work daily? Let alone needing to deal with kids too

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