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I need some advice due to migraine from radiation

My story is complicated. I had an brain injury (mild stroke) more than ten years ago. After I moved to several locations lately (last 2 years) due to huge air pollution in my village (quarry near our house), I found that I had strong, sometimes insane migraines on every appartment where there is good wi-fi internet range.

I don't know what to do. Even when I was on the Pag Island (croatia) I switched from one appartment to another. First, I wasn't aware what it was, but since it is a hidden problem, I suspected electromagnetic radiation or some electrical signals.

I found that also bulding that have satellite dishes produce strong migraines, also power lines above buildings.

1. Now here is the question, experts always say that satelitte dishes only receive signals, not emit. Okay, fine. But WHERE do these signals come from? Can you picture them? (up, down, which direction?)

I also moved to another country with cheap rental costs where they have only transmission lines above all houses. Satelitte dishes were almost every there. I found mild to strong migraines everywhere there. It was like living in hell, so I switched back to my own country.

I am very sad, because whenever I found beautiful appartment with fresh air for cheap price, there is wi-fi or some wirings everywhere.

Scientists of course say that this is not a problem, but I believe that is a problem if you have very weak or damaged brain tissues. Maybe they do not feel anything while they're healthy but some of us, do feel these signals.

I also have terrible shake in the head when I was using USB wireless stick and downloaded files with speed of 40mbit (1 meter away of my head) for an hour. I felt so much that there is no way that this is a scam.

Anyway, I don't know what can I do if I want to move to appartment that suits all of my needs but produce migraine. I was so desperate that I tried aluminium foil on my head as well, it worked on the head but I can't live like that. I know it sounds crazy, but my life is a complete hell lately.

Any idea how to stay in the appartment and protect myself from radiation? Can I do anything, limit the router speed or buy some devices or something? Don't tell me that finding a new place is my only way.

Thank you guys!

  1. username84,
    Thanks for joining us on our community forum. You have an interesting question. I’m not sure where you could live where no one has internet access and satellite dishes. I don’t know where you live right now, but have you seen a headache specialist about this? This sounds like a big problem for you, so I hope you can find some answers.
    ~ Peggy ( team)

    1. Hi username84,

      I wish I had more to tell you in addition to what Peggy said. Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you as well.

      Wishing you a low pain day,

      1. I can confirn what causes my headaches, migraines and insomnia. When I sleep at home in the village I have no problems, but when I sleep in the city I have severe migraines.

        Reason: EMF.
        Prove: Wi-Fi signals, tested so many locations and do blind tests that proves enough.

        Whenever I move close to router (60+ ElectroSmart strength) I notice pain. Since I have retinopathy it breaks DNA that is already broken.

        Cell Towers are like a poison. I noticed that amount of frequencies play a key role as well as distance.

        I checked on over 10 different locations. transmission lines are another problem, high towers are even worse, I need to get at least 300 meters away to feel okay.

        I can't believe in what conditions are people living. They are healthy but most are just fine with insomnia because they don't know the true cause.

        Some location in the flats are terrible, over 5 routers around your room with signal strenghth over 60. Impossible to live there. I also tried to protect my room with aluminum foil in the city, I managed to reduce radiation by 60% but I still feel pain. I didn't completely cover everything but it's a lot better.

        All I can say that 90% migraines are due to different types of hidden frequencies. Radiation. EMF. Mostly Wireless.

        The germans are smart because they already started to protect houses with metal mesh against all kind of wi-fi signals including 5G.

        I found some interesting studies at pubmed as well, that proves that even non-ionising radiation breaks our DNA. Both were done in rats and chicken in 2016 and 2017.

        We have a proof. I know what's the cause. And this radiation is simply accumulating until you get very sick.

        Hope my reply will help many people.

        1. Hi username84,

          Thank you for sharing that interesting information.

          Have a great day!

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