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Eye pain from migraine?

I’m 25 years old and I don’t have a history of migraines other than usually the week before my period I will get them. They usually last a few hours and I’m fine after that. This past Sunday I got one again. Thinking I’m near my period so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. It seemed to be focused right behind my left eye. I took some excedrin and it seemed to be okay. However later that night I woke up and the eye pain was back and I felt very nauseous. I went back to sleep and when I woke up again the nausea was gone but the eye pain remained. I didn’t have the headache anymore just eye pain. It’s now day 3 and the eye pain is still there but I don’t have a headache anymore. It’s only in one eye and feels like it’s “behind” my eye. It hurts to move it to look around and is slightly sensitive to the touch. No vision loss but I am a little light sensitive. It doesn’t seem swollen or red or anything like that.
My question is could this still be a lingering effect from the migraine or does this seem like it could be another issue with my eye. I didn’t have any kind of trauma to it and it doesn’t feel like anything got stuck in my eye. I’ve never had this happen before so I’m worried it could be something more serious, I know no one can diagnose me I’m just curious if anyone has had anything similar happen before?

  1. Hi sarahgb93,

    I'm sorry you are having lasting eye pain. As we know eye and facial pain along with nausea can all be symptoms of a migraine attack but usually stop with the attack is over.

    Having said that, when we have new and/or different symptoms, it's always a good idea to discuss them with the doctor so he can rule out anything more serious. If you haven't talked with your doctor, I would encourage you to.

    I hope you are feeling better soon,

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