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important day ruiner

2 wks without M and i started to get excited, too excited!! Been fighting with aspirin wherever i thought a trigger was in place, worked numerous nursing shifts and 2 days ago noticed i was getting numbers the wrong way around and bit of memory loss brain scrambling etc so i should have been more vigilant i suppose. So i managed to avoid one so far and alas today is the day I start university at masters level for the 1st time in 10 yrs, plus i have others depending on me today and guess what, i wake up right sided Migraine! fedup as im sure many others you ever feel like one is comin no matter what you do to try and prevent.and you may as well pick a day and say "ok have that day here you go" 🙁 meh

  1. So sorry you're in pain. I understand where you're coming from. It always seems to happen when I don't have a choice but to work through it.
    You're strong and can get through this!

    1. Thank you Katie xxx

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