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Increased migraine frequency with CGRP receptor antagonists?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced increased migraine frequency/intensity with CGRP receptor antagonist medications? I took my first injection of Ajovy a couple of weeks ago and have had a significant increase in both the number of migraines and the severity of the headaches. This is very discouraging and is also surprising as I have not heard of this as being a side effect. I also tried Aimovig right after it received FDA approval and I experienced a very similar course - I only took one dose of the medication due to increased migraine frequency. Since then I talked myself into believing that it must have been a fluke so I decided to give the Ajovy a try! I no longer think it was a fluke. I'd love to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience.

  1. Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your experience. I'm not taking any of the CGRP medications, so have no personal experience with them.

    I have heard from others that it can take a few cycles before there is improvement and that they were happy they stuck with it.

    I'm sure others will be along to share their story with you!

    Gentle hugs,

    1. I had the same experience with both Amovig and AJovy exactly as you described. Each time I took the injection the migraines increased daily in intensity for the whole month. It is not a "fluke" I tried them on again and then off again over about an 8 month period. If it can happen to two of us then it might happen to others.

      1. Hi ,

        Thank you for sharing that. It's important to know we're not alone in our experiences with these medications.

        Wishing you a low pain day,
        Nancy Harris Bonk Patient Advocate/Moderator

        1. I've tried Ajovy, which was incredible for the first month and the second, had no effect on my migraines. I switched to Aimovig and have been on it since last June. It has completely stopped working. I'm at such a loss. I get no relief except from Maxalt. Of course, I cannot take more than two pills a week. There is no relief from daily migraines at this point. I'm sorry you have experienced this. I can totally sympathize!

          1. It has stopped working unfortunately. I take my shots on the 9th of every month. I think I have had only 2 migraine free days since the 9th. That's been typical for the last few months. It is worth noting, I had a cervical epidural in my neck in November. That was majorly helpful, bot for my neck pain and reduction in migraines for several weeks. I'm due for another injection asap. I have not tried Botox. My doctor does not think Emgality is going to work either. I'm at a loss.

          2. well done comment , & admittedly as Pharmacist , & migraneur Parient Counselling , Therapy, & Management is Difficult: interestingly many of my Patients ( & myself) depended a lot on medicaments, etc. ....

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