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What is a migraine infusion?

What is a migraine infusion. What's the side affects?

  1. Hi Robinson46,

    Thank you for your question! A migraine infusion can be many different things and is used to break a migraine cycle. My infusions have included sodium magnesium, a steroid and nausea medications. Let me share this article with you about infusions;

    I hope that helps,
    Nancy Harris Bonk

    1. As Nancy stated, the components of an infusion depend on the doctor. Doctors have different protocols that they like to use or believe in using.

      In my experience an infusion session took several hours to complete and the doctor liked to do 3 of them in a week for a series. I have had toradol mixed with caffeine, magnesium, and zofran. I know somebody whose infusions included DHE as well. Some people have amazing results from infusions. This is again another one of those everybody responds differently to treatments; therefore you will have to give it a try to know if it'll be helpful for you or not. They made me very exhausted feeling. For me, I have better luck with a toradol injection into the muscle for a bad migraine than doing an infusion.

      Amanda Workman (contributor & moderator)

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