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Infusion Therapy Center Locations?

I am at my wits end! I have Chronic Daily Migraine, although I've had migraines since age 14 & am now 73, they have been all types of frequencies throughout my life. But this bout of Daily is now 4 years & counting. I have great docs, preventives, rescue treatments, am as judicious as someone with very painful conflicting health conditions can be - in other words, those other conditions cause me to suffer a LOT of untreated pain... Anyway, I finally saw a Headache Specialist here in southern Florida for my excruciating status migrainousis, which happens twice a month - you know - the 8 to 14 day long ones that build to pain level 7-9. That doc put me in-hospital for a 5-day IV DHE Infusion that not only didn't work, I've had THE WORST migraines ever since than that I've had for longer periods ever since. I'm hoping some of you might know of any other infusion centers/docs nearer to me than D.C. or PA that I might consult. I wish so much that there were something I could do every 3 months to break this absolutely debilitating cycle of excruciating pain so I could live a life. As you all know, fighting constant pain drains everything from you...My heartfelt love to all of you whose stories and advice I read here so often

  1. Hi Susan L

    Thank you for reaching out to us and your kind words. We're glad you're here!

    I'm sorry to hear DHE didn't work for you, that must have been frustrating. I've dealt with status migrainous and my infusions consisted of sodium magnesium, steroids, and anti nausea medications. The last infusion I had didn't work so my doctor put me on divalproex sodium for three days and a two week course of steroids. After the second week it finally broke, so I truly get it.

    I'm not sure locating a differnt infusion center is the best answer -let me explain. Rather than picking an infusion center or "headache clinic" it may be a better idea to talk with qualified doctor. By this I mean a "true" migraine/headache expert, a doctor who is board certified in headache medicine which is different than being certified in neurology. Neurologists may be fine doctors and claim to be "headache specialists" but that may not be the case. General neurologists have a hard time being experts in one area because they treat so many differnt conditions such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's and others. A true migraine/headache expert treats migraine/headache patients all day, every day. I know there are a number of these board certified experts in FL.Here is more information on how these doctors are special and how to find one; and

    Let me know what you think,

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Thank you for your prompt reply...mine is not prompt due to another bad health condition - grrrrr! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kind advice, However, I must tell you that the 2 docs I saw - both the one who did my DHE Infusion and the 2nd opinion doc I saw, were Certified Headache Specialists. I've done my homework. One of them was a featured speaker at the last Migraine Summit. I do not live near a Headache Clinic, other than one that is advertised as such in FL, but actually sees the full spectrum of neurological patients, even though they have the Certified Headache Specialist whom I saw. Florida is an enormous state, and if I were to travel 6 hours to visit with a doctor like the 2nd Certified one I saw, I would be in tears. That's why I put out my query to the group. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the next Summit, and am enjoying other researchers coming forward online, as well as all the priceless info here. Perhaps I will find a treatment for prolonged, excruciating status migraines that happen to someone who has Chronic Daily Migraine. Thx again!

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