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Inpatient treatment centers?

I am writing this hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has done a outpatient or inpatient treatment anywhere. I am kind of feeling out of options with my current neuro and headache specialist and I feel this is the next step I should take but there are not any near me so I would have to travel out of state for this kind of care. I would like any information on care and treatment received. The one my neurologist reccomended was clevland clinic.

  1. I went to the Houston Headache Clinic in 2006 for 9 days. It was one of the toughest things I have ever done. Not sure what part of "detox" I didn't get - but throwing up and pooping my life away for most of that time was hard. They do have a rather pharma approach but also include relaxation training and a special diet along with a psychologist and some physical therapy. While it helped for a while, over time the meds stopped working. I am back to where I was only worse. I have just ordered the Cefaly and am using that - too soon to tell if it will be a solution.

    1. Thanks for the info, do you know if they have a set "cocktail that they give every patent no matter what? I am just worried I will be in incredible pain and toroidal and dhe usually are not that effective for me so I am a little nervous also I have a pretty bad skin crawling rip the iv out of my arm reaction to raglan. I just would hope they would listen to me and cater to what works for me and not just make me suffer terribly.

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