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Is anosmia a migraine symptom?

My story starts with losing my sense of smell, a year ago out of nowhere I could no longer smell a single thing. I went to my PCP who did her normal checks and put me on 3 days worth of super antibiotics to ensure it wasn't an infection of some sort. After this did not resolve my issue she sent me to an ENT for evaluation. After scoping and probing and prodding, I was told I had thyroid issues and had to be given a CAT Scan and Biopsy of my nodule/goiter covered thyroid. It was determined I needed to be placed on thyroid meds and no cancer found at this time.

But I still could not smell, next stop MRI of the brain, it was found I had white spots on my brain and the MRI was considered abnormal. I went to one Neurologist who stated the white spots on the brain were from migraines ( I had never been diagnosed with any form of headaches till this past Friday but have had a headache daily in one severity or another every day since I was 16).

I became frustrated that Dr's couldn't seem to tell me why I all of a sudden would lose my sense of smell and just generally being dismissed because of my age or whatever other reason they could come up with. I went about thinking no one is ever going to help me.

I decided to go to a Wellness specialist to see if she could help determine the issue. After weeks of meeting/ supplements/ blood work/genetic testing etc. In June after I had a spell of feeling like my entire body was sunburnt for 4 days, but hey like walking around in flames in the middle of AZ summer time isn't delightful enough.

So let's recap real quick: (Symptoms/Etc)

Loss since of smell over a year ago
Had ENT scope/CT SCAN/MRI/ Biopsy
Thyroid covered in nodules and 2 in goiter
HPA Axis/ Progesterone Steal
Vitamin D Deficient
Hormonal issues ( Testerone too high than too low/ No or sporadic menstruation)
Pins and Needles over the entire body
The entire left side of the body has become numb in the last couple weeks
Double or blurry vision
Pain in the right shoulder
Pain in the pelvis and rib cage that feels like my bones are crushing me internally
Cognitive issues
Ringing in ears/head
Trouble swallowing causing issues with choking and speaking

Could all of this be based off migraines?

  1. Hugs, ZonaDanger. I'm really sorry you're going through this. I really think you need to see some more doctors. And I'm so sorry to ask this, but have they ruled out MS? Hugs. I hope you find answers that can get you the treatment you need.

    1. Okay, it sounds like your new neurologist is being really thorough. Did they do a lumbar puncture? I really hope you get answers that help put you on the right path. It's frustrating getting sicker and sicker and having no idea what is wrong. What are they having you do for the migraine at this point?

    2. He placed me on a preventative medicine as well as a muscle relaxer. I was also prescribed a rescue medication. And told to see a physical therapist.

  2. Hi ZonaDanger,

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I am sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time.

    Being in constant pain can contribute to insomnia, for sure! I know when I'm having a flare in my pain, my sleeping pattern gets messed up, and then my pain increases even more. So very frustrating!!

    It's true some of us have white matter lesions from long term migraine, but other things should be ruled out seeing as you've not been diagnosed with migraine disease, if I read that correctly.

    I wish I could tell you exactly what's going on, but only a qualified doctor can do that. As GardensasNight suggested, more intervention sounds necessary.

    Please keep us posted on how you are doing,

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I actually have what is called Anosmia which is the loss of smell. I have not been able to smell a thing for over a year now. This is what started this long journey and really the only thing I have found along the way is more health issues and no answers.

      My current neuro (who is new to me) has recently diagnosed me with chronic migraines but also believes there may be something additional so all kinds of extra testing going on.

      I had a new MRI of my brain yesterday, he also had an MRI of my cervical spine included. Today I start nerve conduction testing on my legs, I have my arms next week, and I also have to attend a sleep study.

    2. Hi ZonaDanger,

      The doctor sounds like he is looking into lots of different avenues, which is good. I hate that it takes so long to get an accurate diagnosis - it's SO frustrating.

      Keep me posted on how your testing goes.

  3. One other thought, it is possible to have migraine along with another condition. I do. It took three years and fifteen doctors for us to arrive at my correct second diagnosis, which is a rare condition. That whole time, I was deteriorating. At least now, we know what it really going on and can deal with it rather than me walking around feeling like a medical orphan (which is how I suspect you may be feeling.)

    I would go back to the doctor, and get a second opinion from a different neurologist if necessary.

    1. I am also dealing with a loss of my sense of smell. It started when I was taking Emgality and I thought it may be the cause. It has not come back and I am currently trying an antibiotic which is not working so far. What was your rare condition?

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