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Is It Really a Migraine?

Hi everyone. Me again. Hope you are all well! I just got Botox on 7/28 and am hoping it will work. However, I have had headaches for 20 years and was recently diagnosed with migraines 2 years ago. I get no nausea, no phonophobia, or photophobia. I have no prodrome, postdrome. Advil works in 30 minutes. However, my headaches are more severe and more frequent now. They start in the back of my lower skull every time. Lots of pressure which makes me think I may just have chronic inflammation. My neuro swears its migraines but Triptans don't work, and not one preventative had. It’s Advil or a few hours later, I’m ready to her to the ER with a throbbing skull, in tears, unable to move at all. I can’t lay down. Heat pad helps for a little while, along with s Tens unit but I always end up needing meds to be ok. Again, this keeps telling me these aren't migraines. 3 neurologists have diagnosed me with this but could this be because they’re stumped? Whatever this is, I hope Botox can help. My only symptom is severe head pain. Sometimes on one side, sometimes both, and eventually it takes over my entire head and face. I don’t like being on all these meds. Please help. Thanks!

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  1. Hello MK2019, thank you for reaching out. I hear how overwhelming it feels to struggle with symptoms you are not sure align with the diagnosis you've been given. We cannot offer medical advice or diagnostics over the internet (for your safety!), but a few things come to mind that I would mention. It is important to remember that migraine is a highly variable illness. While there are certain factors that are often present (like the nausea, photophobia, and phonophobia you mentioned) there are many who do not experience those symptoms and migraine is still the accurate diagnosis. Migraine can have many "uncommon" symptoms as well as those that are more well-known. Everyone's body is unique and can present differently. With the many neurologists you have consulted with, have any been certified in headache medicine? Many in the community have found consulting with a certified headache specialist to ultimately make a big difference in their treatment and management. I thought this article might be a helpful resource:
    How have you been feeling since having the Botox injections? For many it can take a few rounds before experiencing the full benefit. I thoght this article might also be of interest: Please keep us posted on how you are feeling and where things stand in your journey. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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