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Is this a silent migraine?

I've been having these episodes since I was about 16 but just usually ignored them, I told a doctor once and they didn't have an answer or be very concerned so I never brought it up again. Now that I've had my second baby and am not getting much sleep I'm getting them a couple times a day, same happened with my first. Sometimes I can go months without experiencing anything though.

My symptoms include a general feeling on malaise during the day and a bit of a fuzzy kind of consciousness. I guess I experience what you would call an aura because before it hits I know it's coming and I get a super anxious feeling then with it hits it's like my brain gets scrambled for a second, I get very dizzy and I usually stop whatever it is in doing because I can't concentrate or even find the words to talk. Usually my brain jumps to some strange memory and replays it in my brain while i sit there waiting for it to be over. It only lasts about a minute or 2 usually just leaves me dizzy and confused and a little nauseous but then that leaves after a few minutes and I'm back to normal. No pain, no flashing lights...I don't know what else it could be. Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Hi Jtoone,

    First let me say congratulations on your second child, how wonderful! Now let me see what I can do to help.

    Many of the symptoms you describe could be attributed to migraine, and as much as I wish I could give you a definitive answer, only a doctor can do that. It's really important to discuss changes and/or new symptoms with the doctor - have you had a chance to do that yet? If not, please do so he can rule out anything serious.

    I'd like to share information with you about migraine that you may want to talk to your doctor about. The first is an article on silent migraine; and the other is on migraine with aura;

    After childbirth, it takes time to for our fluctuating hormones to return to normal. We have an article on migraine during pregnancy and after childbirth you may find interesting; and more information on hormones and migraine here;

    Please let us know what the doctor say,

    1. Hi Jtoone,

      Just to add to what Nancy said, I am sharing a story on a patient with constant migraine aura and silent attacks in case it may be helpful in explaining anything you may be experiencing to your doctor.

      Be well,

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