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Is this page funded by Pharmaceutical Co’s

I’m starting to wonder if this page is in fact one big pharmaceutical site.

It seems that every other article is a plug or advertisement for CRGPs, particularly pro not con. I just got yet another email directing me to “is Aimovig right for me.”

It seemed like a decent forum at first but now I doubt that it’s anything other than another pharmaceutically funded site in disguise. I’m not interested.

I mean, good grief, enough already, how many articles/advertisements can you possibly post? And I pretty much never see any critical feedback.

Disappointed. I’m opting out of emails. I get enough ads already in my inbox.

  1. Hi @juneleaves (cute kitty!), thanks for reaching out! is run and managed by our parent company,
    Health Union ( for more information) which is 100 % independent of any product or manufacturer. I can assure the articles are written by our contributors, advertisers do not influence editorial content in any way and all ads or any sponsored content are marked a such.
    I encourage you to read more on the Health Union website and our editorial policies here: You can also learn more about contributors who are patients:
    Also, have you checked out our Facebook community? There is lots of lively conversation, and many diverse viewpoints expressed as well.
    We're glad you're here and I hope this answers some of your questions.
    -Warmly, Donna (team member)

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