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Can itchy tingly scalp be migraine related?

I have had itchy tingly scalp that started around the same time as my current migraine. Has anyone had a similar experience or know if this is a migraine related symptom?

  1. Hi there , Nice hearing from you again! I suspect others will be along shortly to share their experience with this as a possible migraine symptom, but in the meantime I thought you might find this same question shared by a member in our forum page helpful to check out as they too share experiencing this same symptom! Additionally, while this article here discusses scalp & hair pain (not specifically itchy or tingly), but check out the member comments at the conclusion of the article as many have shared their feedback. Hope this helps! Happy New Year & thanks for being part of our community!

    1. Joanna Bodner,
      Your answer helped! I will discuss this with my doctor.

    2. Great idea! Also wanted to follow & ask if you by chance follow us on Facebook? If so, your question was also posted on there. You can check it out here. Your question received lots of great feedback! 😀

  2. Thank you, this really helped. I now plan to discuss this with my doctor.

    1. I often have a tingling feeling on the top of my scalp on the same side as my migraine but not where the pain is after I’ve taken sumatriptan. It also itches. But it’s strange because it’s an itch that’s underneath the surface so scratching my head usually doesn’t help.

      1. I experienced the sake thing and I'm falling to understand exactly why it happens.
        Can you please share with me what you did

    2. hands, head, arms, hair, even my whole face tingles before I have a migraine ...

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