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It’s a #SelfCareAware Soiree

Hello Community!

As you know our community supports one another in staying healthy, comforting one another when times are at their worst and of course to share advice. That’s why we’re taking the next 14 days to celebrate and discuss being #SelfCareAware by sharing easy ideas on how you can do it.

What’s self-care, you ask? Self-care is all about looking after and taking care of yourself - in a healthy way. It can be hard to put yourself first and attend to your own needs - and so we want to help support you.

Please tell us...
What do you do on a regular basis to practice self-care? Share by replying below!

  1. I love this topic! For me I find a few things are vitally important:

    Time alone and with close family
    Not stressing
    Eating right

    For sleep, I have a certain time of night that I turn off all electronics and start to wind down. I find I can't fall asleep if I go from 60mph to 0mph. I allow for about 8-9 hours, because that's what my body needs. On the flip side, if something wakes me up or I have insomnia, I try hard to not stress about it. Nothing's perfect.

    Time alone and with close family: Giving myself time to sort through my own thoughts, and also connect and bond with those close to me, is vital. I feel in our busy society, these things can be overlooked. To me they are not to be--they are priorities.

    Not stressing--I say it this way instead of "de-stressing." To me, de-stressing implies I allowed myself to get wound up. Stress is definitely inevitable, but I focus on keeping things in perspective and having a steady mood when possible.

    Eating right--to me this doesn't have to be fancy or complicated. I simply make sure I am eating fruits and veggies every day and sweets only once in awhile. I try to snack exclusively on fruits and veggies or sometimes some nuts or other lean protein.

    Exercise--again, this doesn't have to be complicated or anything special, really. I take a walk every day, do yoga when I feel like I need to stretch, and sometimes I just dance to my favorite music while no one's watching. 😀

    I find with all these self-care items it's really just about remembering what's important. Life can pull us in many different directions, and I remind myself, though I may be caught up in the current sometimes, I am steering the ship.


    1. Great idea!

      Self care have never been my strong suit. I over extend, over do and always pay for it. I'll be 55 years old next month so i thought it was beyond time to start taking better care of myself.

      I began yoga in December after taking a six week meditation class and am loving it so far. I still feel a bit intimidated, but am determined to stick with it! I also started to go to bed at 10 PM every night. I don't immediately fall asleep, rather listen to a podcast or two.

      I've also started to count my blessings, every morning, to being the day on the right foot.

      Excellent tips Lisa, thank you for sharing them.


      1. Thank you for bring this topic for discussion. I find that good sleep is part of self care. Also i find that home beauty treatments like soaking my feet in epsom salt or doing an exfoliating scrub or even painting my toe nails. I have to make sure i eat healthy and exercise (even if its walking my dogs or doing a little yoga or stretching).

        1. Good for you! And you're right - self care is mandatory!


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