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How do people maintain a journal when they have a migraine? I can't even dial a phone for help or call in sick.

  1. Hi Beth,

    Keeping a journal can be a difficult proposition, but an important part of gaining good control of our Migraine attacks. Most headache specialists will require that you keep a Migraine journal for a period of time before they do much to treat you. The journal helps them in many ways, and it can also help you. It is worth the hassle. It's important to note that many of the notations your doctor will ask you for do not need to be made during the throes of an evil attack.

    Thank you for asking this question, as I think it might make an interesting blog post 😀

    1. Thanks Ellen. I did scribble some stuff down. 28 years of Migraines. Went to the Hospital yesterday for CT scan for the first time. Forgot notes.

      About your presentation; I can help. I work in marketing communications. I have time and professional resources. Draw them in with famous migrainures. People they know. Get personal, know the people you have to talk to. Evoke empathy, not for us, but for the people we affect.

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