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Laser Treatment

Earlier, my mother mentioned to me that a co-worker of my dad has almost identical chronic migraines to me. Apparently, the woman had taken prescription medications for years to no avail, and has recently come across cold laser treatment for her migraines. Granted, I'm a mere 21 years of age, but in my almost ten years of headaches, I've never heard of laser treatment. Doing a quick search, the most reliable source I could find was from the National Headache Foundation (NHF). The brief article basically stated the treatment as not being researched or studied at all, and therefore does not have any data to show for it's reliability and effectiveness.
Article link here:

Has anyone heard of laser treatment for headaches/migraines? I'm interested to learn more; however, I'm very hesitant about this newer treatment. If anyone knows of anymore information regarding this treatment, would you please share? My parents are interested by this possibility as the co-worker claims to be migraine free. Yet, I'm very uneasy about this form of treatment.

Thoughts? Information? What concerns might you have? If you think this would be a good thing, why? And although we do not know what risks or side effects there may be, to what extent would you risk to end your headaches, but accept the danger that may come from it? Untreated, my chronic migraines are quite severe (no aura), but I don't feel I would be able to jeopardize everything I've worked for so far in my life when there are other treatments that help.

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