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Does laying down when having a migraine makes you feel worse?

Most of the time when I have a migraine, laying down makes it worse, hurts more than sitting or standing up. It also makes me feel nauseous. I used to walk up and down the corridor, very slowly, till the pain got manageable and I could go back to bed, still hurting though. It's not like it's bad, just more exhausting.

  1. Hi Mojca, I'm sorry to hear that your migraine intensifies when you lie down. You're not the first to mention this symptom. Check out this post and the replies from a few years ago: This happens to a lot of people. I hope you can get some good rest soon.
    -Martha Team

    1. Hi Mojca I have migraines that are triggered sometimes when I lie down, also when when I cough sneeze or bend over.. have you noticed any increase in migraines after you say cough??

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