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Lenses That Help Your Eyes Focus

Has anyone heard of or tried eye glasses/lenses that help your eyes focus easier from near to far? It is brand new in my area and very expensive. I would like to know if there is any correlation between how our eyes focus and migraines and if this treatment has any merit? Any experience or insight into this treatment would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Hi neugrey,

    I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about. Do you have any more information, a name perhaps that could point us in the right direction?


    1. Well, my neurologist is working with a optometrist who is suggesting a treatment called eyeBrain. They have conducted one study in my area and are now offering the evaluation and treatment. Treatment consisting of what are called NeuroLens (lenses made specifically to help your eyes focus properly and in a 3D fashion). Their thought process is that some people have what are called eyeGrains (their terminology). These eyeGrains are due to the focusing issue and are thought to constantly irritate the trigeminal nerve and send pain signals which makes the brain think that something is wrong with it when actually it is your eyes. (I'm very "technical" here. 😀) I don't understand all the specifics but it sounds very cutting edge. Nothing has been published about this and it is obviously not paid for by insurance. It seems too new for me to try this out and is cost prohibitive but I wanted to just verify that no one else has heard of this. I was told that this was just starting in our area.


      1. Hi neugrey,

        Thanks for getting back to me with that information. As I've not heard of it, I really cannot comment on it.

        Keep us posted, though, OK?


        1. There was some glasses advertised on tv that WalMart and Sam's carry that are supposed to help you focus better. I just forgot the name.

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