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Hello again, I forgot to add, how many migraine sufferers have lesions on their brain? My last scan I had over a dozen.

  1. I have over 20 multifocal lesions on the frontal cortex of my brain

    1. I have many, many lesions. I don't recall a number but the neurologist was impressed. Then I have the one big one from a stroke.

  2. Thank you both for your responses! So, lesions are not uncommon with migraine sufferers, is what I am gathering. So does anyone know if the lesions are causing problems such as memory loss, and mental decline or can this not be differentiated from the migraines?

    I was taking Topamax in 2015 but the side effects were too much for me and I was weaned off. I just feel like the side effects didn't go away when I discontinued the drug. Like I didn't wake up from the dream. Finally, in early 2016 I convinced my neuro to do an MRI and that is when the lesions were found. Three months later another MRI showed more lesions. I have not had a third. I have had a lumbar puncture and MS has been ruled out.

    My neuro does not discuss these lesions with me at all. When I bring it up she wiggles her way out. She says my memory and mental problems that I notice can be explained by the migraines, but I will sometimes go a month without a migraine, yet still have the same mental problems.

    It's very frustrating. I'm trying to get in to see a new neuro, hopefully I can get some better answers.

    1. SPSusan, was the stroke caused by the migraines?

      1. 2 lesions here - frontal and on my spinal chord (wondering if that one is from a car accident and severe whiplash a few years ago) ..... wish I could have had one before the accident to compare :/

        Once MS was ruled out here too - both my pain management and neurologist said they were from the migraines likely and can cause memory issues. I'm still getting brain zaps and other symptoms from my time on cymbalta, which was over a year and a half ago.

        I think some of the meds side effects are permanent and don't go away just because you stop taking it, it sucks,

        1. That would be tragic Tamara.

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