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Liver/Galbladder associated with Migraine

Have been having gallbladder attacks last three weeks. In the research I have been doing, there's a strong association with liver/gallbladder issues causing migraine/headache.

The toxins building up in the gallbladder/liver can trigger a migraine. My migraines have been out of control last several months and now going thru gallbladder attacks which are quite severe. So, waiting out the gallbladder attacks to see if I can either pass a stone or go to the ER for further intervention.................arugh !!

So, thought this was an interesting bit of information to pass along here 😀


  1. One more thing, with the beginning of my liver disease, I had a blood test for ammonia in the blood, which mine was high. I have been fighting the high ammonia levels in my blood last two years and my HMO has not been great in getting to the bottom of what's causing this. But I do have NAFLD (non alcoholic fatty liver disease).

    1. HI Debbie!

      I'm so sorry you are having trouble with your gallbladder and liver. I hope they find some answers on your liver soon!

      I had my gallbladder out in 2001 without complications, thankfully.

      When our body is out of whack, or homeostasis, a migraine attack may be triggered. So for example when I have a cold/virus I see an uptick in my migraine attack frequency. Just like our strong triggers, when organs give us trouble, this may increase our migraine attack frequency.

      Fingers crossed this resolves ASAP!!

      1. Hi Nancy ~ Thank you for responding to my post *smiles*. I had to fire my current primary doctor as he did not want to treat me with this gallbladder issue and was refusing to even see me, which I don't get. He refused to refer me on to a GI doc too, so since I am with an HMO, I got rid of him and will be seeing a new primary on Monday. There was no patient quality with this doctor which shocked me.

        The liver/gallbladder connection has soo many vital functions for the body and right now this condition is making me feel soo unwell and out of sorts. Fortunately I found Maxalt MLT and that is helping stop the migraines dead in it's tract.

        I was surprised while watching several YouTube videos that migraines were the top symptoms when a liver or gallbladder goes awry. But I guess when any organ has difficulty a migraine can present itself. The body is soo complicated and when functions are compromised then the body becomes vulnerable.

        Glad to hear that you suffered from no complications when you had your gallbladder out in 2001 😀

        1. Thank you for the update Jo1950,

          I am so very sorry to hear about your primary care doctor, but happy to hear you'll be seeing a new one. I hope your visit when well!

          Looking forward to hearing more from you,

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